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Vacation with Mama


Letterbox filmproduktion

Location management

Gabor Agoston

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of her mother Helga, she invites her daughter Andrea for a one-day short vacation to Verona . She is planning a large-scale champagne reception and a joint open-air opera visit. On site, Andrea receives the call that she should show up at her agency in Berlin as soon as possible. When she tries to take care of a plane, she learns that Vesuvius is spewing a cloud of ash and that planes are no longer taking off to the north. So she decides to drive back to Berlin with her mother, but there is currently no rental car. Her mother Helga steals an Ape (pickup truck) in the heat of the moment and the return journey can begin.

Locandina di Vacation with Mama
Trailer - Vacation with Mama